The Bands of Lugoff-Elgin
Lugoff-Elgin High School
Lugoff-Elgin Middle School
Leslie M. Stover Middle School

Welcome to the official web site of the Band Club of the Lugoff-Elgin Bands. The bands are located at Lugoff-Elgin High School and Lugoff-Elgin Middle School in Lugoff, South Carolina and Leslie M. Stover Middle School in Elgin, South Carolina.

The Band Club's mission is to support the students and directors of the Lugoff-Elgin Bands in their goal to achieve the highest standards of music education and performance.

Our goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating the musical enrichment of the student body
  • Providing monetary support for the bands
  • Fostering fellowship, goodwill, and teamwork within the bands
  • Applauding the achievements of the bands
  • Promoting the value of music in our community and the significant role music plays in the cultural, intellectual, and lives of our students
  • Providing the band members with opportunities for personal growth and leadership


  Glenn Price Director of Bands
  Nathan Woods Assistant Director
  Kevin Flowers Assistant Director
  Rebecca Richbourg Assistant Director


  Susan Surratt President  
  Wendy Buriss Vice President  
  Theresa Alberson Communications  
  Janet Cook Treasurer  

You can contact the Executive Board via email at